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Release: open62541 Version 1.3

Release notes:

Release notes Version 1.3:

This is the first release of the 1.3 release series of open62541. Going forward, only fixes and non-breaking changes will be integrated in the 1.3 release family.

New features compared to the previous release series 1.2 include:

  • Support for OPC UA PubSub encryption (also TPM-based key handling)
  • Session authentication with x509 certificates (server-side)
  • Support for Event Filters
  • Support for Server Diagnostics
  • Binary/JSON encoding as a stable public API
  • Handling of Subscriptions with different priority
  • Greatly improved Nodeset Compiler, including support for structure values
  • Added UA_order function for all data types (equality test / absolute ordering for binary search trees, etc.)
  • Support for TLS-encrypted MQTT-based PubSub
  • Internally generate temporary self-signed certificates

Besides the major functional additions, many small features, fixes and general improvements went into this release. Particularly, the memory consumption of the information model was reduced by about 1/3 compared to the 1.2 release series.

Note that the v1.3 release family contains new features compared to v1.0. These have not been part of the certification that was achieved for the example server based on the v1.0 release.

Older releases and release notes can be found there:

The new release can be directly downloaded here:

Github open62541 1.3