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Workshop on ‘OPC UA with open62541’ took place

Workshop OPC UA with open62541

At the end of November, the first OPC UA workshop in collaboration of Fraunhofer IOSB and OSADL took place. The two-day online workshop was fully booked after a short time and more than 50 participants attended.

In addition to the presentation and hands-on sessions by Fraunhofer and OSADL, a keynote address was given by Mr. Alexander Allmendinger from the OPC Foundation European Certification Lab on the topic ‘OPC UA - THE solution for Industry 4.0 and IIoT’. The sessions in the workshop covered the topics OPC UA, open62541 and open source development. The OPC UA track focused on specification and information modeling. The open62541 content ranged from the development of simple client-server applications to advanced build configurations and use of PubSub. The track on open source development was devoted to the development process and licensing issues.

In the following video, Dr. Julius Pfrommer talks about the role of open62541 in the OPC UA technology landscape. The video was created for the workshops and recorded at the Forschungsfabrik Karlsruhe.

If you are interested in future workshops and don’t want to miss anything, you can subscribe to the open62541 mailing list via the website.

Presentation: The role of open62541 in the OPC UA technology landscape