Stores nodes that can be indexed by their NodeId. Internally, it is based on a hash-map implementation.

struct UA_NodeStore;
typedef struct UA_NodeStore UA_NodeStore;

Nodestore Lifecycle

/* Create a new nodestore */
UA_NodeStore * UA_NodeStore_new(void);

/* Delete the nodestore and all nodes in it. Do not call from a read-side
   critical section (multithreading). */
void UA_NodeStore_delete(UA_NodeStore *ns);

Node Lifecycle

The following definitions are used to create empty nodes of the different node types. The memory is managed by the nodestore. Therefore, the node has to be removed via a special deleteNode function. (If the new node is not added to the nodestore.)

/* Create an editable node of the given NodeClass. */
UA_Node * UA_NodeStore_newNode(UA_NodeClass nodeClass);
#define UA_NodeStore_newObjectNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newVariableNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newMethodNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newObjectTypeNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newVariableTypeNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newReferenceTypeNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newDataTypeNode() \
#define UA_NodeStore_newViewNode() \

/* Delete an editable node. */
void UA_NodeStore_deleteNode(UA_Node *node);

Insert / Get / Replace / Remove

/* Inserts a new node into the nodestore. If the nodeid is zero, then a fresh
 * numeric nodeid from namespace 1 is assigned. If insertion fails, the node is
 * deleted. */
UA_StatusCode UA_NodeStore_insert(UA_NodeStore *ns, UA_Node *node);

/* The returned node is immutable. */
const UA_Node * UA_NodeStore_get(UA_NodeStore *ns, const UA_NodeId *nodeid);

/* Returns an editable copy of a node (needs to be deleted with the deleteNode
   function or inserted / replaced into the nodestore). */
UA_Node * UA_NodeStore_getCopy(UA_NodeStore *ns, const UA_NodeId *nodeid);

/* To replace a node, get an editable copy of the node, edit and replace with
 * this function. If the node was already replaced since the copy was made,
 * UA_STATUSCODE_BADINTERNALERROR is returned. If the nodeid is not found,
 * UA_STATUSCODE_BADNODEIDUNKNOWN is returned. In both error cases, the editable
 * node is deleted. */
UA_StatusCode UA_NodeStore_replace(UA_NodeStore *ns, UA_Node *node);

/* Remove a node in the nodestore. */
UA_StatusCode UA_NodeStore_remove(UA_NodeStore *ns, const UA_NodeId *nodeid);


The following definitions are used to call a callback for every node in the nodestore.

typedef void (*UA_NodeStore_nodeVisitor)(const UA_Node *node);
void UA_NodeStore_iterate(UA_NodeStore *ns, UA_NodeStore_nodeVisitor visitor);