Installing open62541

Manual installation

You can install open62541 using the well known make install command. This allows you to use pre-built libraries and headers for your own project.

To override the default installation directory use cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/some/path. Based on the SDK Features you selected, as described in Build Options, these features will also be included in the installation. Thus we recommend to enable as many non-experimental features as possible for the installed binary.

The recommended cmake options for a default installation are:

git submodule update --init --recursive
mkdir build && cd build
sudo make install

This will enable the following features in 0.4:

  • Discovery

  • FullNamespace

  • Methods

  • Subscriptions

The following features are not enabled and can be optionally enabled using the build options as described in Build Options:

  • Amalgamation

  • DiscoveryMulticast

  • Encryption

  • Multithreading

  • Subscriptions


We strongly recommend to not use UA_ENABLE_AMALGAMATION=ON for your installation. This will only generate a single open62541.h header file instead of the single header files. We encourage our users to use the non-amalgamated version to reduce the header size and simplify dependency management.

In your own CMake project you can then include the open62541 library using:

# optionally you can also specify a specific version
# e.g. find_package(open62541 1.0.0)
find_package(open62541 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Events FullNamespace)
add_executable(main main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(main open62541::open62541)

A full list of enabled features during build time is stored in the CMake Variable open62541_COMPONENTS_ALL

Prebuilt packages

Pack branches

Github allows you to download a specific branch as .zip package. Just using this .zip package for open62541 will likely fail:

  • CMake uses git describe --tags to automatically detect the version string. The .zip package does not include any git information

  • Specific options during the build stack require additional git submodules which are not inlined in the .zip

Therefore we provide packaging branches. They have the prefix pack/ and are automatically updated to match the referenced branch.

Here are some examples:

These pack branches have inlined submodules and the version string is hardcoded. If you need to build from source but do not want to use git, use these specific pack versions.

Prebuild binaries

You can always find prebuild binaries for every release on our Github Release Page.

Nightly single file releases for Linux and Windows of the last 50 commits can be found here:


Debian packages can be found in our official PPA:

Install them with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:open62541-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libopen62541-1-dev

Arch packages are available in the AUR


Starting with OpenBSD 6.7 the ports directory misc/open62541 can build the released version of open62541. Install the binary package from the OpenBSD mirrors:

pkg_add open62541